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                            Section Survey



Do you need to know where your boundary or an aliquot part of a section is residing?  An aliquot part is for example the NE1/4 or the SE1/4NE1/4.  We will research the records and recover documents that are helpful in conducting the survey.  We will do a preliminary field survey to collect data needed for the survey.  We analyze the data to the record and determine the location of the Public Land Survey System (PLSS) corners.  State law requires the surveyor to establish the controlling PLSS corners around the section to be surveyed and to be placed on Public Record in the County Recorder’s Office. A “Certificate of Survey” is completed for the client to show distances and the acres that are in the aliquot part or the description surveyed. This certificate is signed and sealed to show that a certified survey was performed along with a date. This is an asset to the property. If the property is sold the seller can use the document to show the exact acres that is involved in the property being sold. Other uses of this document can be with the FSA office. The FSA office digitally computes acres from aerial photography. There is a scaling error in the photography that can generate inaccurate acres. A certified survey can prove the exact acres of your property. No easements are identified with this survey, unless the Client so directs.


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