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                    Farmstead Surveys



We conduct Farmstead Surveys.  These types of surveys involve the owner selling off acreage around a proposed or existing farmstead.  These surveys require a minimum of two Public Land Survey System (PLSS) corners.  These corners define a starting point and a bearing (direction) of a reference line.  Monuments are established around the property and a “Certificate of Survey” is drawn.  The “Certificate of Survey” includes a graphical representation of the farmstead along with a Vicinity Map and the Legal Description of the area that was surveyed.


Attorneys transfer the legal description onto a Deed in order to transfer title.  It is recommended that the attorney attach the “Certificate of Survey” to the deed when placing on public record at the County Recorder’s Office.  The “Certificate of Survey” is signed and sealed to verify a field survey was completed.


Some counties require “Outlot Plats” for small tracts.  Please check with your County Recorder to determine if this is the case in your county.  Rolette, Ramsey, Counties in North Dakota currently require Outlot Plats to convey title.  An “Outlot Plat” is different from a “Certificate of Survey” as it requires the owner’s signature and notary of the owner and surveyor. It appears Outlot Plats may become the norm in the future, but time will tell.


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