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Fischer Land Surveying & Engineering has extensive working knowledge of drainage in northeastern North Dakota.  We have been designing projects for Water Boards since 1985. We take projects from start to finish. This involves attending meetings, preliminary survey/design, assessed areas, meetings with owners and adjoining Water Boards, Plans, Specification, Engineer’s Estimates, Funding information, ND State Water Commission Permit Applications, US Army Corps of Engineers Permits, Work with USDA-NRCS to minimize impacts to wetlands, mitigation, construction staking, quality control and As-Built plans. Open channel drainage is very complicated. It is said hydraulics is a science as formulas have been developed to compute how much water can flow through a channel or conduit. Hydrology is an art as the hydrologist must fully know the watershed in order to arrive at the correct values to use in computations to arrive at the actual runoff that is project is being designed for. Fischer Land Surveying & Engineering has returned to past constructed projects and evaluated the flow of water and used this field knowledge on future designs. The engineer must be in the field to see how water actually acts during flood events to be able to design properly. We don’t simply see the flooding when looking at water covering a field we look to understand why the water is present and how it can be managed to minimize impacts.

Fischer Land Surveying & Engineering also works with cities on sanitary, water and street projects. Also writing an analysis of issues encountered. If the project is beyond our scope of expertise, we can team up with the correct personnel to provide a well formulated answer to the question.


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