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                  Correction Surveys



Does your description agree with what you are occupying on the ground?  Is there an error in your legal description on your deed?  We have performed surveys where the occupation lines do not agree with the platted lines.  In order for success to clear up these matters, it is paramount that all land owners involved agree.  We identify the old platted lines.  We meet with the owners of the common lines and establish the new lines based upon the land owners agreement on site.  We then develop a new plat showing these lines and have all land owners sign the plat.  This produces a plat that correctly shows accurate use lines.  Platted Lake property or ancient metes and bounds descriptions adjacent to a platted townsite, are the highest use for this type of survey.


If it is clear the original subdivision plat is in error, and the surveyor who laid you this subdivision is no longer in practice, a correction plat may be produced to correct the deficiencies.  Simply having your hedge not agree with the platted lines does not indicate the plat is in error.


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